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We are a family that has “discovered the secret” and found that we knew it all along but had lost touch with it.  Our goal is not the big, large carbon footprint home, but it is to have a loving, lovely home and garden that will allow us to grow much of our food, keep us in touch with earth and have time and money to travel wherever their jobs or school moves our children!

We are here to share the wonderful news that Keeping Up With the Jones is old news and interferes with reaching the goal of Abundant Living. The more we work at living in relationship with God, in harmony with creation, and sharing our abundance with those in need; the great the blessings we receive. First comes the Joy in life, then as we discard the old life and apply the rules of success comes the other rewards, relationships that work, work that fulfills and enough money to do the things we were put here on earth to do.

Part of the journey has been to develop friendships with other families who feel the same way.  Our sites are the outgrowth of over 30 years of friendship, house fires, we don’t remember how many episodes of unemployment, and a lot of love.  Our goal is to share what we have learned about living abundantly when the rest of the world thinks we are poor!

Over at http://leckeys.net/homejobs/ is information on thriving through unemployment, gaining the courage to work for ourselves and find ways of making money in our own neighborhoods.

Learn along with us as we prepare for our Survival Farm at Leckeys.net, gather old fashioned recipes at Recipes4Hope

Our site at www.leckeys.com/startwebtraining is a work in progress. It will soon be a short course for crafters and artists wanting to set up web pages (mainly using WordPress) for their own publicity, merchandising and blogging.